We begin the work by meeting to see if we are a good fit for one another. If after our first session we think we can work together then you can give me a brief outline of what brings you to therapy, what you need and then we take some time to consider next steps. Discussing your aims for counselling and making a contract together, defines what it is we are going to be working on and your goals. This can be a very focused contract for a specific issue, for example the impact of trauma, or the contract might be more exploratory.

I describe the type of counselling I offer as integrative, psychodynamic and humanistic. This means that whilst the therapeutic relationship is at the heart of the work, a broad range of approaches can be woven together to suit each person and situation. Often it is useful to have a core model of working which informs and gives structure to all the other ways we can understand ourselves and for me that is transactional analysis (TA).

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